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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mugshot Snowday: Thundersnow

tunes: apocalypse please by muse

Ahh!! Chicago just had the most righteous snow storm ever! There was hail, high winds, THUNDER & LIGHTNING and we all woke up to a winter wonderland (16 inchs of snow!!). Somehow my street was lucky enough to get plowed but there are people literally snowed into their apartments. Everything is closed too: offices, malls, stores, etc. I hope everyone stocked up on life's necessitates like wine, Mac & Cheese and Fruity Pebbles.

I took a short walk and saw cars stuck in the middle of the street, roads with zero foot and car tracks on them and lots of people walking their dogs, which was adorable.

It's still snowing so hard that I had to wear sunglasses to even see straight -- I'm sure I look like a complete idiot. I'd wear ski goggles if I had some!

What's scary is that there are over 30,000 people without power right now. Luckily, hotels have offered their rooms to these people and hopefully nice friends have too! I've never been so thankful for my tiny, little studio apartment. She kept me warm and cozy all night.

Have a wonderful Mugshot Snowday!

ps. isn't the brass knuckle mug bad ass? I got it for my bday!!! Thanks Joe! :)


Anonymous said...

I loooooooove that mug!!! BA for sure :)

Happy Snow Day/ Week!!

Lisa Love said...

:) totally girlfriend

sugarmouse said...

omg, i swear, snow has GOT to be the prettiest thing.

love them photos. ♥

Anonymous said...

that is THE coolest mug I have ever seen. Hands down.

Hey, just curious...How can i be a part of mugshot monday?