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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Half Baked: The True Story.

I love baking.

In fact, I always have which is funny because I hate precision and math. If you've ever baked you know just how important both of those elements are. If I'm ever upset, stressed, lonely or any other not-so-great-feeling I can find instant happiness in the kitchen.

Even as a kid my mom said she knew when I needed to talk if I was a.) blasting Nirvana in my room or b.) blasting Nirvana in my disc man while whisking cake batter. I'm lucky to know I have that safe place for myself, although I do wish my safe place didn't consist of so many carbs. But, really, whose counting anyway? Not me!

I'm getting so excited for my big girl & oh-so-serious Pastry course I am taking! I've been practicing at home making cupcakes, cakes and scones for my lucky ones. Holy calories Batman! These photos from Cupcake Bakeshop have my heart rate pulsing! I can't wait to take a photo class soon after so I can take photos like these babies.

So tonight, I'm baking red velvet cupcakes for my Valentine's & listening to silly love songs {no Nirvana tonight}. I look so serious with the tongs I'm using them for homemade fondant..{ it's not easy folks, not easy at all!} I'm excited to eat the extras tonight!


Ps.. I'm picking a winner for my GIVEAWAY on Friday! Win win!


Jason said...

Damn, you look hotT!

Jessica M said...

Yum!!! I can't wait to hear more about your class Lisa!!

Cindy said...

love baking! oh and you look stunning!