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Friday, January 14, 2011

She's Got a Hankering: Laura Lombardi

Forget diamonds, gold-dipped crystals are a girl's best friend.

One of my best friends has a big birthday coming up, so when I asked her what she wanted she said "something local, inexpensive & badass." Done & Done. I instantly thought of my favorite Chicago designer Laura Lombardi, whom I met over the summer through my friend Shannon.

Long drop chains, brass charms and spiked multi layered bracelets is just a taste of Laura's unique and organic style. Each piece made by hand by Laura, is a statement and conversation piece. I have a total girl crush on Laura: she's creative, entrepreneurial, looks real good and has bad ass hair. I would post what I purchased my girlfriend but her birthday is next weekend and I'm going to at least tell myself she reads this. Ha.

Grab it: Eskell 1509 N. Milwaukee Ave 773-486-0830
online boutique

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