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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Book Club with My Momma

I grew up hating to read, knit, eat soup and book clubs. Everything that my mother adored and lived for. Her and I couldn't have been more different but somehow it always worked for us. I'd force her out of her shell, dare her to dream outside of the box and color outside of the lines. She brought me back to Earth when I was in "lala land", reminded me to stop to pray and listen to the worlds whispers. We've always been a funny odd couple.

Today, my mom and I find ourselves in the exact same place, a place where we are ready to grow outside of ourselves. We both want to deep dive into our souls, heal our old scars {yes, even our Mothers with all their superpowers have emotional scars} fill our hearts with strength, love, overcome our fear of being alone and just be... fearless.

We are starting this journey with our first, you guessed it, book club. It's just her and I but any readers out there who would like to join are free to! We will be reading "Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace and Learning the Hardway." by Shauna Niequist the first week of February. & in Spork Project fashion we are indeed long-distance so we will be chatting via email/Skype -- we invite you on this Godly & goodly journey!

"I don't know what you've lost this year: a life, a friend, a child, a dream, a job, a home...I believe deeply that God does his best work in our lives during times of great heartbreak and loss, and I believe that much of that rich work is done by the hands of people who love us, who dive into the wreckage with us and show us who God is, over and over and over." - Bittersweet.


{av} said...

I might just have to pick up this book myself...what a sweet idea to share that time with your momma. Can't wait to hear what you thought of the book! xoxo {av}

Lisa Love said...

Awe, thanks AV! :) I will keep you posted on it. I've heard rave reviews about this book. It is so good for women :)