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Sunday, January 11, 2009

2011: New Year, New Visions

Bye bye 2010, you will forever be my year of experience and I thank you for that.
Check out the above gingerbread house I made with a sweet friend? We made these
before I jetted off to Detroit to celebrate Christmas with family.

then, 2011 happened and I've decided it's going to be my best year yet.

(my bathroom band photo-op)

I celebrated by dancing with friends, eating peanut butter cookies and throwing glitter in the air!

But before the craziness happened, I had friends come over for champagne and Vision Boards!

what's a vision board? it's basically a place for you to put all your dreams in front of you and allow them to manifest. I like to cut out images from magazines of goals, dreams, fears I'd like to get over, experiences I'd like to have.

when we were all done, each of us presented our 2011 visions to each other.
some of my visions:
  • travel cross country in a train
  • finish my coffee line
  • record a song
  • Visit my bosses in Israel
  • make new female friendships
  • go to another country
  • Learn more about amazing, successful people over coffee
  • fall in love with someone who loves my dance moves

  • What are your dreams this year?

    • (i love this image my sweet friend found...we should all play at work, right?)

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