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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pasta & Sequins

I cooked a FEAST for my lovely girlfriends last Saturday in sequins and heels. Yep, just like rapper's wife.

You see these girlfriends aren't just any girlfriends of mine they are my "curlies",  a nick name that was dubbed to us about 5 years ago.  We literally speak in our own curly language and call our meetings "curly dimension" and know all of our secrets. It's like the CIA with better shoes.

I was too busy drinking red wine, peeling garlic and dancing to Frank Sinatra to take snaps of the amazing grub, however I was told, in Real Housewives of New Jersey slang, the food wasn't "garbage".

In fact, the pasta turned out amazing, but how could it not when the main ingredients are olive oil, garlic and more garlic. Oh, and some parmesan cheese dashed in there a few times. I felt like Nigela Lawson (or 50 cent's wife) the entire night until I stuffed my face so badly that I had to change into my oversized granny pajamas.

Mama mia!

On another note, how amazing does our skin look? We went to  Cellular Intelligence Medical Spa during the day, and got the Dermal Planning Facials. Don't google it because it might scare you but it left us all GLOWING! Basically the aestitician (Carrie) takes a medical grade razor and lighting scrapes the top layer of skin off and quickly follows with a latic peel. It doesn't hurt at all and I'm a huge baby so that's saying something.

Nice knowin' ya acne scars! 


catalina jose. said...

that all sounds pretty amazing!!! i'm so google-ing that bc ya'll do look gorgeous!!! and the pasta...yum, yum! im such a pasta junkie. i myself cooked some pasta today. pretty simple,minus the red wine... but ohhh delicious. ;) luuuv.

Legs said...

Does it really cure acne scars?! We need to chat asap! I need a cure! :D And you are such a doll, gorgeous as always. Glad you had a great night! Hope to see you super soon!! How close are we to your arrival?

... said...

It totally renews the skin, it's amazing!!!!! Must do!

I will be in dc in two weeks! yaaay