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Saturday, October 9, 2010

That's a Wrap: Organic Branding I Love

That's Amore! How can you not want to cook when you see the packaging for chef Giovanni Viresa of Olivier & Co.

Globus Organics has created a line of dream-like organic goods. The packaging is clean, modern and makes me so hungry. Part of me wants to buy it to eat and the other part wants to hang it on the wall like art. It's that beautiful!

Are you guilty of keeping the water running while you brush your teeth, grillz, retainer? Then listen up! Stop the water while using me!' is new brand of eco-conscious personal care products. 100% biodegradable with organic ingredients and reminds you everyday to save water.

Better Life household cleaner went to Halski Studio to get their new, signage-inspired branding. I think it's cleaver, tongue and cheek and fun! Kinda inspires me to buy a 50's house dress and clean, clean, clean.

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