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Saturday, July 31, 2010

(re)Make of the Tourist Tee: Happy Birthday Barry!

What better way to celebrate our presidents birthday than to vote for a modern take at our nation capitol's tourist tee.

The creative minds behind the art inspired, DC editorial decided to create change and develop (re)DC a new creative project that raises the creative bar on everyday things in DC. The first concept is to (re)create the basic tourist tee by collecting concepts from artists and designers living in the District.

And in the America way, they are asking you to vote.

Vote here for a change on our Nation's tourist tee.

Have you been to DC yet? If you are an American you absolutely should. You are paying for it and all.


kelsey liebich said...

Politics ARE sexy! (When they are the same views as yours!) hehe, what great designs. Heck, I'd buy a shirt if I'm ever in DC!

kath. said...

loving the t-shirts. listen dear, i need help, my blog is getting boring even for me. would you go and check the latest post and share some pics with me?? please do. <3kath.

Stilettos And Coffee said...

I would love to buy like 4 of those shirts! tell me how! :)

... said...

i know, right!?! so flippin' cool!