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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Recall My Heart

You all know that I am obsessed with coffee.

But you may not know about my love of eggs. I eat about 12-15 eggs a week. I scramble them, bake them, hard boil them... you name it.

When Nick and I started dating he thought I was crazy for wanting an omelette for breakfast and dinner. I just love em, I can't help it. And, hey they are pretty darn good for you too.

So, I'm putting some
love and awareness out there for eggs because they need better care and love and I feel like most of us are living with hazy gauze over our eyes. The fuzzy, kernel yellow chickens you raised with your kindergarten class is a far cry from what our poultry industry has turned into.

In the past week their has been over 2 billion eggs recalled, thousands of people got sick and I didn't eat eggs for 4 days. I even avoided Caesar dressings and mayo.

However after doing some research I realized not ONE recall was held against small, local farms. (I buy local eggs at our Wholefoods). It scares me how 2 billion eggs were recalled from 2 sources. TWO? That's it? Can you imagine the mass production of 550 million eggs, in one week, from two farms? Two farms literally whipped out dairy shelves across the country...two.

Hmm... think about it ladies and gents, we need to take better care of our local farmers because they are most likely taking care of their farm with love and respect. These overly produce, under sanitized and out of control egg factories need to get real.

Buy local, Save a farmer.


Kathleen said...

I love this post because I have been sturggling with the concept of how our poultry farms have gotten. They are so scary.

This post inspires me to buy from the local farms directly. Thanks for bringing up such a serious issue in a non-scary way.

... said...

Kathleen, thank you for the kind words. I too hate the thought of mass produced and mass breeded eggs really breaks my heart.

Please share your local farm journey!