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Monday, August 2, 2010

Mugshot Monday

Is one cool dude from Brooklyn whom I got to share a convo with, over mugs, about his recent movin-n-shakin's. Thanks to iChat!

Dan is a smart, passionate and hungry entrepreneur ready for a new challenge.

About 2 years ago he started VendrTV, a web video show about street vendor food that I've been watching (and salivating to) since it has launched. Dan has sampled hundreds of "curbside cuisines" and is ready to take the wheels off the food and try something different. How so?

He and his oh-so-adorable girlfriend Miko have a new project in the works:
The Hungry Pedaler
a series of bicycle-powered tours, shot without crew or camper, that explore America's best local, indigenous cuisines. Think of it as "Survivor Man" meets "No Reservations" meets a video blog. Dan and Miko will peddle their way through America - stopping, meeting, and eating at the hidden gems that lend so much character to each locale, while capturing as much content as possible. After the tour, the footage will be edited and broken up into a series of webisodes to be released weekly.

The first season will be set along the coast of Maine, from Eastport to Kittery. They will be departing August 15th and spend 2 weeks on the tour.

Good luck Dan and Miko!

Check out their page and donate if you can!

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