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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DC Tasting Menu: There's an App for that.

{first stop at Baked and Wired in Georgetown for coffee and Lemon Cupcakes}

When you are in a long distance relationship going out on real-life dates (I still love our iDates) is a super special occasion. But there is one problem: Time.

There just isn't enough of it to go to all the places this-magazine-is-raving-about or this-joint-just-opened and it is super frustrating. So during my recent visit to DC Nick and I put our thinking caps on and planned out the best strategy : an Appetizer Crawl. We set out to try a few restaurants {and a bakery} in one afternoon. Sold!

We paved the District pavement and started in Georgetown then headed to Chinatown, Penn Street, Capitol Hill and then Arlington. I thought of it as in-between-cardio since we were gluttonously eating all afternoon! I recommend doing this even if you aren't in a LDR because it was a fun way to taste the town.

Nick's Point of View {Hey, it's his town}:

Mie n Yu – Ambiance and décor were second to none. We felt super cool just sitting down for a mid-afternoon cocktail and a couple small plates. But we could imagine the place full of twenty-something’s and lit up beautifully at night, and agreed… it’s a must-try. As for the food:

the star – the blue crab salad. The plentiful and sweet blue crab paired with their champagne vinaigrette was a real winner. The salad was rich, clean, and filling with it’s use of soba noodles. It was unique and delicious and we will definitely order it again next time around. I got the white tiger (I think) cocktail. Their use of pickled ginger and white cranberry juice was refreshing, delicious, and addictive! If we were staying for drinks I would have ordered them over and over again!

The eh, I've had better: the yogurt sauce accompanying our lamb kabobs was a bit grainy or bitter. I accredit that to the roasted coriander, which we could have done without. A more refreshing cucumber yogurt sauce would have really brought the dish together nicely. The naan was a bit of a puzzle. Is it ciabatta? Do we not really know what naan is? These questions are still unanswered.

Wired & Baked Cupcakes – it’s hilarious to look at the line for Georgetown cupcakes. Seriously. What are you people doing? Anyway we went to an amazeballs cupcake place not 3 blocks from the overly-publicized $6 per cupcake joint over on M street. With a new-found passion for Lemon desserts after Lisa’s cousin’s wedding, we decided to get the lemon-raspberry cupcake, and were anything but disappointed. I don’t really know what else to say but “that’s freakin good!!” The place is adorable too. If we weren’t on a day-long mission and itching to walk more (after Lisa’s shopping ventures), I would have loved to have stopped, had some coffee and water and enjoyed the ambiance. What a find!

Central Michelle Richard – in terms of French food, I have not had better. In terms of décor… I have. But sometimes… most times… the food is what is important, and Central truly proved that in their cuisine. We started with a onion and bacon tart that danced in my mouth. Before I even had the thought of “I should slow down and eat this throughout the meal,” I had already eaten half the tart. I also enjoyed the wine that I ordered (Bordeaux) and even more importantly, as a slightly tight-pocketed individual, I really appreciated that the waitress warned me that their cabernet was “on the high end” before I ordered it. She gave me more reasonable options, and that, you guys, is AWESOME. Nobody loves good service like we do. While we are on the topic, Lisa was about to ask the waitress if she’d consider a future best friendship… they got along that well.

Now to the entrees: Lisa ordered a burger. Sometimes a girl just wants some ground beef!! These ten magical words came out of her mouth shortly after the meal: “this was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.” The beef was seasoned generously with thyme and rosemary, while a grilled tomato sat below it. It was covered in gooey swiss cheese and a potato tuile that added a textural dimension. Lisa observed that the brioche bun was so perfect it looked like a McDonald’s bun! And then their fries… out of this world.

I ordered the beef short ribs. I have never had anything so French/comforting/delicious in my life. The beef was so tender I could’ve eaten it with a spoon. The syrah sauce was all kinds of comfort. Then there was the hand-made, paper thin, pappardelle pasta. It was perfection. If there is ever a dish that I want on a cold winter day with a glass of red wine, it is this one.

Lastly is the Boccato Gelato in Arlington. I don’t have much to say outside of the fact that its some of the best gelato I’ve ever had. I had the salted caramel while Lisa opted for the girly strawberry shortcake. What can I say? It was the perfect night cap.


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