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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All work and No Blogging Makes Spork Project Boring!

I've bee super inconsistent with my blogging, I'm sosososo sorry, but that's because I've been super busy traveling, working and
changing the world! Okay, maybe not exactly changing the world but I'm doing my part to the best of my ability.

As some of you already know I am the
Online Community Manager at Abe's Market, an online resource for all-natural goods. Think homemade cookies, vegan chocolates, non-toxic kid toys -- we got it all. I love my job. The best part of my job is the opportunity to meet the passionate people behind the brands we sell.

Last week I got to hang out with Chuck the owner of Bean Products and get a tour of their sustainable manufacturing facility in Chicago. They handcraft products like PVC-free yoga mats, Organic Backpacks, Non-Toxic and organic bed sheets and organic shower curtains. All in all, it's a company that started off with one idea (eco-friendly bean bag) and has blossomed into one of the largest, eco-conscious factories in Chicago and I got to spend the day there last week.

I asked Chuck if he would show me how their hemp shower curtain was produced and he allowed me to video tape the process. It was fascinating. None of it is shipped to a different country for manufacturing; it's all done, by hand, in Chicago.

Here is my sneak peek into my afternoon at Bean Products!
Full video to come soon! (I'm still editing!)

Hemp Shower Curtain by Bean Products from Abe's Market on Vimeo.

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