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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mugshot Monday

It's my favorite day of the week: Mugshot Monday!!

This week is a great one, I'm so proud to have such inspiring, hysterical and creative readers. Seriously, I am blushing through my spray tan as I type this. That being said lets delve right into this.

@AndrewG "Extra! Extra! Read all about it," is the tune of this guy's drum as the Deputy Editor for NBC Universal. Andrew Greiner searches high, low and sometimes very low (yes, we remember the story about pets who visit Santa at the mall each Christmas, unfortunately) for the best news stories in Chicago. While Greiner is brainstorming his compelling leads and dissecting the who, what, where and why of his stories, he also enjoys a hot cup of joe. ###

@Kelsey is a professional intern who is anxiously awaiting her senior year of college. She asked me to ask YOU to add her on Twitter. At first I thought she was joking but then I saw that she really only had 5 followers. Come on people, throw this girl a bone and add her. She took a photo in her curlers for goodness sake. This girl ROCKS!

@Alex Alex likes his coffee the way he likes his presidents: black and extra strong. This drag queen turned NYC baker and foodie blogger is one-of-a-kind and super special. He dreams of drip coffee, midcentury modernism and quality over quantity. He's real sassy so watch out if you try to get quick with him about his cupcakes....gurl.

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You are one kick-ass woman!