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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

These Boots were Made for Walkin

My favorite summer/fall accessory is my Mom's vintage cowgirl boots. Yes, these boots were vintage when my MOM bought them back in the 70's for herself. My mom was living in Texas, learning how to rodeo and line dance when she purchased these vintage beauties. They are probably 80 years old today and they feel super bad ass. I can only image the cowgirl who wore these before my mom did.
My mom told me a little secret about moving to Texas and how scared she was. You see, my mom and dad at the time were living in Milwaukee, just adopted my brother and she said it was the happiest point in her life. Then my dad got fired and found work in Texas.

She said she was instantly terrified of losing her friends, comfort, church and much more. She said she was so terrified that it was physically illing her. Prayers after prayers... they still moved. She made the best of it, learned to rodeo and started to love country music. She wore cowgirls boots daily and on one special day she got a call from an adoption agency that they were next in line for the birth of a very special girl, in Texas.. ME! :)

And there it is, our little family story. Thanks boots for giving my mom happiness during a difficult transition in her life. Now, my turn.

I love walking in my mom's shoes.


Cole said...

That's such a great story and love the boots and the dress. :)

... said...

Thanks Cole :)

Legs said...

Those are too cute! And your family story is awesome! I used to live in Texas as well!

Johanna said...

I hope you are doing ok, chica. Always here for ya. muah.