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Monday, June 7, 2010

Social Spotting: Do Division Fest

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Ahh... you smell that? No? Sniff again.

There it is, the smell of corn dogs, elephant ears and $8 draft beers is in the air which means it's officially summer.

My summer street festival kick-off was Do Division. This was my third year at the fest and even with the rain, crazy wind and extreme temps (it got to 91!) it was another great block party in my beloved neighborhood Wicker Park!

I live right off of Division so I guess I "do Division" everyday but this weekend was extra fun in the sun...and clouds. Luckily I don't drink much booze so I didn't spend all my money over the weekend however I definitely splurged on the finest of carni food. I had a corn dog, cheese fries, an elephant ear and an egg roll. I guess the egg roll doesn't really make sense but it was real tasty and I enjoyed it.

The best part of Do Division, hands down, is the people watching at the Car Wash. The dancing, hacky sacking and fashion choices could keep you occupied for hours. Heck, who am I kidding, I spent an hour sitting at a picnic table watching club-types bump and grind as though they were at the hottest nightclub. It was broad daylight, Sunday afternoon. At one point I swear I saw a few spray tans being washed away in the storm. Eek! Totally hysterical and fun.

Anyways, I moshed a little as well to Hood Internet, Warpaint, YATCH, Kid Color and Hiroki.

It was fun.

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Anonymous said...

that was a blast, thanks for having fun with me.....


... said...

you razzled dazzled with your skills! you were so fantastic!

Ashleigh said...

Looks like a blast! I was out of town & missed it :(

Dj Hiroki said...


Picnics and Peonies said...

I love your sunglasses!! Where are they from?

... said...

Thank you! They are from this great place in Michigan called you can order them online :)


Kelsey said...

You are the coolest person I've ever met. I love you! My savvy blogger.


Kelsey said...

You are the coolest person I know! I love you my savvy blogger.