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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mugshot Monday: Great Minds Think Alike

I've been plugging in 60-hour work weeks, attending wedding events and doing lots of travel so my life has been outta control. I have such a great list of Mugshot Monday's rolling in, I can't wait to share! However, today is dedicated to someone super special, @Bigboxcar

He is a hustler at as their Director of Operations, is happily married w/ 3 sons and loves to have a beer after yoga. On the surface Karl and I don't have much in common, however that is very, very untrue. How so? Let me explain.

@bigboxcar is a man with a good plan. Such a good plan that we kinda-sorta have the exact same one! I received an email from Karl back in January introducing himself after he did a Google search on his website "Mugshotmonday" and he guessed it, this guy!

Since then we have been Twitter/FB buddies, talk coffee and will be collaborating on a few projects in the future!

Although our Mugshot Monday's have different premise, he takes pictures of his favorite mug of the week and not of people with their mugs like mine, we both share the same passions: people, art, tech COFFEE.! His collection is the TRUTH and super impressive.

Although I am super jealous of his URL rights I am stoked to be collaborating with him in the future.

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Jennifer said...

I really want to be on your Mugshot Monday! Someday I will get off my butt and send you a pic and stuff. But for now, I'll just admire from afar.

Anonymous said...

Thx for the Mugshot Monday, Lisa! Love it. Maybe we'll collaborate into something bigger when the meme goes worldwide?