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Monday, May 17, 2010

Who the heck are you? Good question.

Meet the Sporkers! Ya! from The Spork Project on Vimeo.

I've been getting more emails than usual (which is awesome!) asking me to explain why I created Spork Project and if I am a relationship advice writer. Frankly, there are so many reasons why Spork Project lives but the reason why it was conceived was for Nick and I to stay connected in our long distance relationship by sharing recipes and for Nick to teach me how to cook something besides the frozen meals I was eating, hence the name Spork Project. I only owned sporks and various plastic kitchen wear; I didn't even own a knife set or spatula until about 10 months ago.

It has quickly become my day-to-day journal and I've met some amazing people who love food, design, tech and also those unlucky few {or lucky, depending how you view it} also finding themselves in long distance relationships.

Since the only labels I like are in the inseam of my jeans and shoes and not on myself I hate to "label" this a relationship advice blog -- because it's really not. However, keep sending over your questions and I'm happy to respond to them. It might become a fun new entry for me. I love sharing my POV on situations and etiqute however I wouldn't trust JUST my opinion on your relationship. oh dear God, no. I'm still trying to figure mine out but I certainly have the experience to share!

Thanks for all the love and feedback. xox.


Johanna Palka said...

Lisa - you're so stinkin' cute. I need a piece from your new line...ahem. Miss Talented.

... said...

OH Jo, you are too kind! :) I would love to do a 101things giveaway! thoughts?? (plus some for you, of course!!)

suki said...

Very cool! I'm still deciding which mug to drink from for the Mugshot Monday w/ 20SBers. ;)