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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Social Spotting: A load of Crêpe

I can officially check-off "Eating 2lbs of Nutella" off the ol' bucket list. Cause I did it.

The French are good. Their closets are stacked with the hautest threads, their kisses are recreational and their crepes are per-fec-tion. Nick & I have been to Le Creperie before before but there was something really special about it this time.

From the french wine, to the roaring thunder outside and the French chatter surrounding us, I believed we were someplace far far away from Chicago. Somewhere very romantic and I loved every second of it.

I felt like
Amélie while speaking French to our waiter... okay so I asked "what's your name" and "where is the bathroom" but it was technically French so it counts...right?

French espresso, beer, and wine are provided at 9am. Yes, the French know how to indulge and I love them for it. Speaking of indulging, your buttons should be loosened before you delve into their sophisticated crepes — both savory and sweet — because they are decadent.

I ordered the savory Chicken Coq au Vin which is loaded with stewed chicken in red wine, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots. With each bite I kept thinking of how proud Julia Childs would be: butter, butter & butter.

I was so touched when the owner came over for a quick chat. He opened La Creperie 38 years ago and each of the recipes on his menu originate from his grant ancestors in France.

It was the perfect rainy day in Paris
-- I mean Chicago.

Chef: Germain Roignant
Bonus: Full service "lucky"/"European" style bar.
Spork Rating: 5 Sporks (perfect score!)


Agnes said... good!!

And your photos are so pretty :-)

... said...

Seriously... so gooooood. I ate more today. FML.

Thank you for the kind words!