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Monday, May 24, 2010

Mugshot Monday

@HeyAmberRae Amber's lifestream could be described in 4 simple words: jet setter love letter. Why? Because she is a mover-and-shaker changing the face of the social web, advertising and workaholism with her mind & heart wide open. Amber and I fell in love in Chicago and have kept in touch through her journey to San Fransisco and now the Big Apple. Watch this girl, she's going to run the www in no time.

@AndyLuce is skinny but he is far from being a starving artist. He has worked for some of the coolest companies in the USA doing his art-farty thang. His work is beautiful but nothing comes close to his girlfriends dance moves. I've seen it and it's body rockin'!

@ericlindstrom This interactive web and API developer would never give you a textually transmitted diesase with his uber cool iPhone applications and interactive programing. His super talent kicked-off in Chicago but was later transported to the West-Side, the City of Angels. He lives there with his precious kitty, Pixel.

@Katie is a superstar dating blogger in the beautiful city: DC. She is funny, quirky and not afraid to dish out the trials and tribulations of dating in the District. You might be asking yourself "how does she have the energy for all these night's out?" Well, the easy answer is 6 cups of coffee a day! Wowza.

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