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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mugshot Monday

@tiffstrum Tiffany is a comic, actor and cat collector. (who said you can't have it all?) Tiffany is such a natural on stage she basically came out of the womb with a mic in her hand. During college she took a leap of faith and moved to LA to pursue improv and theatre. She even got accolades for a movie that's now in the LA Comedy Fest, which also gave her an awesome quote to brag about, "stellar comedic turns are delivered by Joey Kern, Tiffany Anne Price and UCB founding memeber, Matt Wlash who stars as a porn star turned thespian."

@cnmoody Don't let the last name Moody fool you, Chris is actually quite happy&silly. He loves his job at @phonebooth (he leads Marketing and Social Media efforts), he loves his clients and he is happy to change the world one sarcastic pun at a time! Oh and he was in a long-distance relationship that put 20,000 miles on his car! Vroom chakalaka!

@shani is a live music photographer by night and an office stooge by day. She is originally from TX but her new stomping ground is Sweet Home Chicago. Shani adds to the world by taking super hott photos of the people, things and places that live in it. She loves her coffee with cream, no sugar.

@nigel If the movement of electrons make electricity than Nigel Dennis is working his electrons with fierce gusto. Check out his portfolio site He has done work for Common, Lipton, Adobe and much much more. He's a graphic artist celebrity who loves his Mugshot Monday. Now that's electric.

Ever stroll through the streets of Chicago in "awe" of various window displays? (when you aren't "pretending" to look at the displays but really you're checking out your's okay we all do it) Chances are you have seen Linsey's work! Linsey is the founder of Indo Projects, a rock-star window design company. Linsey is as sweet Pumpkin Spiced Latte pictured here.

Want to try a new brew? Try Zoka

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These are so cute! I wanna be in mugshot Mondays too!