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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mugshot Monday

Happy Mugshot Monday everyone!

@chrisbrogan I have no idea what it feels like to have 136,138 Twitter followers like Chris but I can imagine it feels pretty darn special. Chris is popular on the social web for a bevy of reasons: he is an author, the president of New Marketing Labs and a doodler. Yes folks, you can have it all. Since Chris didn't have a mug at the time (jet-setter life can be so tough) he doodled a mug for today's mugshot and it's piping hot -- just like his RSS feed.

@jessiO proves that girls in tech are flippin' dynamite. Obsessed with Dunkin's Hazelnut brew (black) you can find this girl puttin' in her 9-to-5 at Chicago-based digital agency Critical Mass as Nissan's LEAF (100% electric car) Community Manager. Jessi also cooks, bakes, TAP DANCES and lives with her rock star boyfriend @Charleymagne. Vroom Vroom party starter.

@jonpolin Any man who can wear an eye patch (post surgery) proudly wins major points in my book. Jon used to be a big honcho at two Fortune 500 companies when he decided to follow his true passion and develop an online, All Natural Market Place: Abe's Market . A place where consumers can meet the people behind the products they use and love. He then hired the most amazing, hardworking Community Manager around: me. Okay maybe those aren't his words directly... but I have a feeling he agrees. Right Jon?.....right?

@coffeenate if coffee obsession had a barometer Nate's would be off the charts. This guy is obsessed with coffee and I love him for it. Check out his insightful videos on his blog and be sure to ask him questions about brewing, roasting and drinking. (after you ask me first, of course). Kidding! no i'm not.

@eren (pronounced Aaron, just spelled fancy) is a San Francisco, CA resident who is addicted to latte's. He loves sending awkward photos (and mugshots!) to friends, has the coolest roommate/fiance ever @denizeda and does UI/UX design.

@brittony is a mommy blogger, a med student and a super wife. She's constantly on the go and somehow manages to always look perfect, cook Bosnian meals for her family and have a great social life. Another reason why I love this mommy blogger so much: she is obsessed with Eastern Eurpean Coffee and drinks it throughout the day. Morning, noon and night. But who wouldn't with that much on their schedule? Her adorable son Oliver sent a Mugshot too!

@nick_king_ Ever wonder where all the money goes for Volkswagen USA? Yah, I haven't thought about it either but this guy handles it, or at least some part of it. He's good with numbers, plays on a DC/NOVA soccer team, is an extreme foodie and works at the HQ of one one of the coolest companies ever: Volkswagen. One time, he cooked his girlfriend an 8-course meal on Valentine's Day. Das Auto.

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Brittony said...

LOVE that you do this! I'll have to send you some yummy Austrian coffee soon!

... said...

DEAL!!!! <3

CoffeeNate said...

Thanks SO much for including me with such great company! Lots of fabulous folks on this Mugshot Monday :)