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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mugshot Monday

This week's Mugshot Monday makes me slap happy! We've got an early retiree, a cartoonist, Twitter's Prom King. I mean, you can't MAKE content like this up!


@Afton has one of the coolest names ever. Each time she introduces herself to someone new they have to do a double take
"Nice to meet you, Aftie? Often?" But once they get it right they never forget. She's a photographer, coffee lover and music is her boyfriend.

@Jeffrey puts the "I" in creatIvity in the best way possible. His projects have a clear style and aesthetic that no one can
recreate but it doesn't stop them from trying. Right now he's living life like a rap star by maxin' & relaxin' but he was the Chief Creative Director at skinnyCorp and most recently Director of Design at Digg. Can you dig it? Yes we can.

@nomi a smokin hott, punk listening, female cartoonists? Brace yourself nerds, your dream girl has just manifested into
REAL LIFE. Nomi's brilliant cartoon Brew For Breakfast will have you peeing yourself and feeling slightly violated.

@David If Twitter had a Prom King it would be David Spinks. He's the really nice, successful, ambitious guy who reads all of his @replies and actually replies back; even if you only have 2 followers he will still engage in your conversations.
Aw shucks, what a guy. He is currently the Community Manager for Scribnia (where readers can review and discover online authers and bloggers) co-moderator of #u30pro chat and of course the obligatory prom king activities: sports, art and good debates.

@Evan Okay, so this guy loves coffee
& tea, honestly! No, seriously he is Honest Tea's brand manager and he knows how to leverage a drink. Oh, and he promised me he'd introduce me to Honest Tea's TeaEO, which I'm holding him to. Watch out for this guy, exciting things seem to happen to him.

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