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Friday, July 30, 2010

Matzah Soup for the Long Distance Soul

dish: Matzah Soup, fresh baguette
tunes: you picked me by a fine frenzy

Last week I was more or less bedridden with the most awful and gut wrenching flu bug! Ugh. It was misery. The first 24-hours were brutal but after that I had a fever, headache and body aches for 72 hours after.

It's especially hard when you live alone and your boyfriend lives 500 miles away! Although Nick couldn't be there to snuggle he surprised me with soup delivery!

He's the best. My favorite soup was the Matzah Soup and fruit bowl from Goddess and The Grocer.

Other great long-distance "Get Well Soon" ideas:

- Record a funny video of yourself singing, dancing and wishing them well and post it on Youtube! (Laughter is the best medicine!)

- Create your own custom cards like the ones at Shutterfly with photos of the two of you.

- Ship them their favorite homemade treats: cookies, cake, brownies.

- Sing them lullabies (on phone or Skype) while they fall asleep.

- & lastly, but most importantly, call them everyday just to say "i love you". Being sick is so sad and lonely, and you can feel like you are missing out on everything. A friendly "i love you" can turn any frown upside down.

* I also have to thank Rommy and Melissa for coming to my house everyday to check up on me and bring me ginger ale. you are the best friends ever!

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