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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Colorful Shower: Try at DIY

It's wedding fever & shower time this summer and I am thrilled! I am in charge of the decor for my beautiful cousin Carolyn's Wedding Shower in Michigan at the end of May! I have decided to try out this beautiful DIY Coloful Mobile decorations I found on Project Wedding. How vibrant is this? I can't even deal, I'm so excited.

It's fun being involved I just wish I was there, in person, with everyone! (damn long distance life) I'm nervous that I wont pull it off. I literally get to Michigan Friday night and the party is on Saturday AM! Eek! Pressure! But I love it.

I'm probably going to sew them in Chicago then pack them very nicely for the ride to MI. {if you have better ideas on logistics, please share}

It's so funny how my life is LITERALLY long distance: my family lives in Michigan, my boyfriend lives in DC and now my bosses are living in Israel.

Do I smell or something? Ha!

Oh, my long distance life. I love you. {sometimes I don't}


Suki said...

love it!

a la Modest said...

Awesome! I need to somehow try this... not for a wedding but maybe just for a party. Thanks for the link!

... said...

A la Modest let me know how it goes if you try it!! would love to see it!

Shawn Tina said...

this. is. adorable. i may just hijack this idea for my future apartment. maybe just a mini-mobile.