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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Big Primpin': letting Your Hair Down with the Boy.

tunes: Distance by Kaskade

Sure I'd rather have Nick believe that I wake up looking fresh and fabulous but that's just silly.

Ever since Nick and i first started dating I've been very open and honest with him about my looks. Confused? Let me explain.

I have acne, a lazy-ish eye and my legs get 5 o'clock shadow post shave. All true and embraced.

On December 31, 2007 I resolved that I would no longer be insecure about those issues (or at least work on it) and start to love my acne prone skin no matter how oily it got. Then I met Nick 16 days later. Ugh.

This was a test.
An awful test that I was about to ACE!

I could do this. No cover-ups, no powdering; I wanted to be as real as I could with him. (yes I used to be the asshole who would powder her nose before going to the gym like an idiot).

So I did the unthinkable: I washed my face completely before Nick came over to watch a movie. If this doesn't sound terrifying to you than you have good skin but for someone like me this is brutal. I was prepared to be dumped on the spot. My face was shiny, RED and RED.

This ended up being the best thing I've ever done.

From that moment forward I didn't feel "pressure" to be picture perfect for him or anyone else for that matter. Of course I love primping and taking care of myself but I've never felt I had to keep up with a certain status quo.
Honestly, Nick didn't even seem to notice my flaws. Or he could of just been polite, I don't know. I do know that we kissed a lot that night.

So... with that, try and forgive your flaws and move on.
Primp for the fun of it!



Juliana said...

i.. still.. cannot do that.

bless you, bless you.

... said...

Haha! Juliana it's scary!

You can do it tho ;)

Legs said...

Complete cuteness! :)

Katie said...

Good for you! I've always struggled with acne, and I know how hard it is sometimes to just let people see my skin. And I think in general, the impulse not to make yourself look absolutely perfect every time you see the new person you're dating is hard to ignore. On the whole, though, I think it's a smart policy. If your relationship has staying power, he's eventually going to see you sans make-up and recent shave anyhow...and so much worse! :)

... said...

Katie, you are so cute. And yes, if the relationship lasts they will see you with the stomach flu {as yours did last week!} are you feeling better btw? Ugh.. brutal!


Rebecca said...

Ooh, you are brave! I have terrible skin and don't even like my friends to see me without full makeup, much less a boy I like! =P Good job. =)

Shawn Tina said...

i can't speak to the letting yourself be authentic with the fellows part of this post, because i'm still actively working on that. ok that was a lie. no i'm not. one day, mayybe. but i'm loving the over-sized pink rollers!

Shawn Tina said...

i can't speak to the letting yourself be authentic with fellows part of this, because i'm still actively working on that. ok. that was a lie. one day, mayyybe. more power to ya lady. i'm loving the over-sized pink rollers.

... said...

Shawni, you can do it girl! youa re gorge! Aren't the rollers hysterical?