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Monday, May 17, 2010

Forty is the new Twenty (just with better jobs and shoes)

Whoever said women in their 20's are at their prime are just wrong. All wrong.

I'm in my mid-twenties and I feel insecure, broke and confused pretty much all of the time. Whereas my friends in their thirties and forty's are career savvy, gorgeous and comfortable in their own skin and rarely doubt themselves. I look up to them so much and aspire to be like them one day (and I'm totally jealous of their super human strength and 401k's!)

This weekend, my girlfriend Tia turned 40-years-young!

She's stunning, happy and a riot!! And look at that cake!

We danced, chatted and ate chicken wings and cake at Red Canary in the West Loop.

Reasons why I love being in my twenty's:
  • renting (I can move anywhere! anytime!).
  • trial & errors of life can be inspirational.
  • being able to eat whatever I want: burgers at 2am? Yes!
  • young love.
  • My job/friendships/paying rent are my only responsibilities.
Reasons why I look forward to my forty's:
  • life experience.
  • career success.
  • owning a house and being able to tear down walls, paint, construct to my liking.
  • being a "hot mom" or "hot woman in her 40's" (isn't there something so sexy about a hott woman over 40? SJP, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Aniston. Way sexier than Hilary Duff, Britney Spears and Megan Fox. (all twentysomethings).
  • having life-long, dear friends.
  • raising/loving children.
  • being 100% comfortable in my own skin.
So with that I'm excited about age.


Dmbosstone said...

I was half expecting this to be a Quarterlife Crisis post (if you didn't notice I have a bunch of bloggers writing about it over at my blog)

But what I liked about this is the positive take on it, I hope a lot of the QLC victims out there can learn from this advice.

... said...

I'm excited about age. I never look back at my life and wish "I was younger" I only look back and wish I were as thin.

Haha, thanks for reading, i'm excited to read yours!

naomichronicles said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I've always said that I look forward to that age and honestly you listed my reasons and then some! Great post! :o)


peterdewolf said...

Wow. She certainly does not look 40.

... said...

I know!! she's so gorgeous!