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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Social Spotting: Break Me off a Pizza that

When you haven't seen your man in over 4-weeks it's all about comfort. We grubbed hard this weekend on burgers, pasta, Chicago hot dogs and pizza {or as Nick says 'za!}.

We decided on Tocco, an Italian restaurant steps away from my apartment, with a modern bite. The decor is chic, the music is swanky and the mood is snazzy. It's probably one of the only places that feels this sexy and serves pizza as their main courses. I'm pretty much obsessed.

I have always felt that the best side dish is compelling conversation, so having Nick and my best friend Rommy all together was just fantastic. We talked Nostradamus, politics and Wendy Williams (how you doing?) and pretty much laughed the entire time.

We ordered the formaggi misti, insalata di bosco (kinda dry, had to ask for extra dressing twice), tortelli al tartufo (truffles..yum!) and the milanese pizza (prosciutto, arugula and fresh mozzarella). It was all paired perfectly with their house Cabernet and loads of olive oil. Yes, I dip my pizza in olive oil.

Tocco, 1266 Milwaukee Avenue Chicago (773) 687-8895
Chef: Bruno and Melissa Abate (Follia)
Bonus: Patio seating in summer
Rating: 4 Sporks

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