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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Brewed Awakenings: Chloe Fleury, A French Illustrator in America.

Her designs are as addictive as Pinkberry, her personality is as bubbly as Bubble Tape and her life story so far is well-traveled and colorful. This girl is pure sweetness. Born in France, Chloe Fleury is a graphic designer and illustrator making her beauty mark in San Fransisco.
And, it's deliciously adorable.
It's never been a secret that I am inspired by all-things design: fashion, typography, photography, you name it, I love it and often find myself engrossed in design books and magazine for hours on end. However, it is rare for me to find a designer that embodies everything that I adore and love about culture, life and philosophy. This is why Chloe is dear to my heart. She is the girl every girl wants to be best friends with and the girl everyone wants to collaborate with.
It's no question that I love her work but I also love the fact that she lives in the USA far, far away from all of her friends and family, just like me (except the whole different country thing). I had to use this connection we have in common as a way for me to pick her brain and get to know my future BFF a little bit better.
Enjoy my interview with Chloe Fleury!
SP: I know you are a graphic artist and Illustrator however I love that you get your hands dirty in so many different outlets. What creative disciplines are you finding yourself immersed in lately?
I've always been attracted to so many creative disciplines, I wish days were longer because I don't have enough time! I want to work more on typography, fashion design and windows displays. Lately I find myself working for paper/construction projects and photography; it's quickly become a new passion of mine! I just got a nice camera and hope to make a cool photo project about San Francisco soon. Mostly what i like in all those disciplines is creating my own little colorful worlds and atmospheres...and play with them.

SP: You're artwork always puts me in a happy mood! It's always so fresh, feminine and positive. How has traveling the world inspired your work?
I think what inspires me the most are the colors of different cities! They affect my mood a lot and my work. The architecture and the colors of San Francisco are so inspiring, this is such an artfully inspiring place to live.

SP: As you know, I am in a long distance relationship with my family, boyfriend and bosses. How do you keep in touch with your family/friends in France?
I keep in touch with my family and friends via Skype, Facebook, and lots of emails. I am very proud of my grandmother because when i left France for San Francisco, I gave her my old iMac so she could receive my emails. She didn't even know how to use a mouse at first and now she's such a "geek"! She can send emails, attach photos and she is active on Facebook! She even makes comments on my Wall and Photo Albums. It's very fun to see.

SP: What's the most creative thing you've done to stay in contact with someone out of state?
The most creative thing I've done to stay in contact with my long-distance relationships is my blog I started it last September. It's an illustrated diary. I share my recent work, doings and creations. It's fun to have that outlet for a mass amount of people, plus it is great for me to look back on my experiences. I actually get yelled at when I forget to post for a long time....ha!


Legs said...

Thanks for introducing her! I love all of her construction paper work. :)

... said...

isn't it darling!? Ahhh.. I can't get enough :)

suki said...

Wow, I love her work! And to think, she lives right here in SF. :) Very cool.

Shawn Tina said...

great interview! i love reading about people who are actively doing the work they love, especially when its work fueled by creativity. gives me hope!