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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mugshot Monday: the Larry's Beans Crew

Hello my name is Lisa and I am a coffee-addict.

Yes. Every morning I am overwhelmingly consumed by my love of coffee. And, that's why I am so so excited for today's #MUGSHOTMONDAY featuring the staff at Larry's Beans, my oh-so-favorite organic java bean. {personal fav is the Larry's House Blend}.

Larry {yes he's real!} is one of the most passionate coffeepreneurs around; he is constantly innovating his coffee beans and his farm. He was told by builders and architects that his "sustainable farm dream" was impossible to build, so what did he do? He found architects and builders who believed in him and his business manifesto. That's the kind of guy Larry is. He never gives up on his dreams or beliefs.

Larry is all about fair trade, loving the Earth and COFFEE.

what is your favorite thing about coffee?
Larry: Endless room for creativity, exploration and inspiration.

How does coffee continue to inspire you everyday?
Larry: Somehow there is a continuous stream of inspiring people that interesct my life through coffee. My life is infinitely richer because of that.

Happy Mug shot Monday!

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Larry's Beans from Abe's Market on Vimeo.

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