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Friday, April 9, 2010

Mugshot Monday

I'm super excited about this week's #MugshotMonday because everyone is so creative!
From makeup artistry and vegetarian blogging to two dudes who own their own digital agencies, I am jazzed about their zests for life and love for coffee! We be muggin.

@Natalie is one fierce woman. She's a entrepreneur, writer, singer, blogger, animal rights activist and a 10-year vegetarian. I've worked up an appetite just typing that I can't imagine doing all that. When Natalie's not trying to save the world and its creatures, she works as a Digital Content writer/strategist for a seriously cool web design and development agency called Egolabel.

@shannon is the type of girl that the ladies want to be and the men want to be with. She's a full time makeup artist for MAC and she'll do your face up right. You'll generally catch her on her bike; a caffeinated blur of blonde hair and mascara. She starts her day off with a hot cup at home followed by 4 shots over ice at work. {wowza! i love this girl!} She's currently trying to break the record for most miles put in on a dancefloor AND cuddles given to a puppy. Zam!

Don't let this guys mug intimidate you. Paul is all soft and mushy under that beard. He runs his own company ARCK Interactive cause he got skills: he builds custom social media apps and content management systems. Schweet! He also loves drinking Intelligentsia Anjilanaka.

@matthew's "interests" on Facebook will do one of the following to you: make you completely embarrassed by your lack of drive or it will inspire you to do whatever it is that makes you happy and feel alive! Matthew pretty much does it all. He's a rock vocalist, founder of various businesses like web dev agency Egolabel and fashion social network site StyleRivals. He plans to move back to NY with his rockstar girlfriend very soon.

@Lola loves chasing cars, eating bones and barking at her loud neighbors. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. {this photo made me so happy & GIDDY}

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Brittony said...

Love checking out the mugs on monday!

Natalie said...

Aww..look at the cute doggie. Adorable photo! :)