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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Earth Day, Earthlings.

"Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions, She may not be happy right now, but she's all we've got.

Let's take care of her."
gaping void

Dear Earth,
Thank you for being human friendly, now it's our turn to be Earth friendly.
Your fellow resident,

Guys, we gotta get real about Earth. Honestly we have really screwed up over the years and have taken our precious Earth for granted. And for what? An easier lifestyle, fortune, power? Once the Earth is gone, that's it. Buh-bye everything we know and love.

Some fun ways to be earth-friendly:

1. Buy reusable bags, dammit!
2. stop using cardboard/plastic to-go drinks. bring your own mug to the coffee shop, reusable lid cup to 7-11, bowl to the ice cream parlor. you get the idea.
3.PLANT A TREE, flower, veggie.

giving Earth a huge hug right now!

Also, for your viewing pleasure "Earth Days"

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