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Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Swear to Blog: I love you!

today's post is dedicated to {Love} . What else is new? I love finding the "love story" in everything: relationships, friendships, businesses, hobbies and passions. So it's not a surprise that most of my blog bookmarks are of those who are ... in love with life!

"I Swear to Blog: I love you!"
gives homage to various bloggers who currently give me "inspiration chills" and make me very happy.Their authenticity, creativity and passion always inspires me to dig deeper into my creative-self and heart.

*Oh and "inspiration chills" are when you get so excited about something the little hairs on your arms raise. Good blog is sometimes hard to find, but these bloggers are worth your scrolling.

"I Swear To Blog: I love you" {Love Series}

Ksenija Savic Photography Blog:

Rebekah Westover Photography Blog

Letters to You {love & lifestyle blog}


Cole said...

inspiration chills. love that! Thanks for reading. Makes me so happy to know that someone is getting something out of my rambles. you have a LOVEly blog yourself. :)

ksenija said...

i triple {heart} you Lisa ! could you be any sweeter??? i love your blog, you & your zest for life. YOU, my dear, give me inspiration chillz!!! xxoo