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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Social Spotting: Greece Lightening

Ah, Wicker Park.

Easily one of the hippest ‘hoods in Chicago, huddled between North Ave/Damen and Milwaukee Ave. (If you want to get technical, it ends somewhere before Division, Ashland and Western. I’m just not 100% sure where.)

You can’t walk a block without bumping into a live music venue, trendy apparel boutiques, dudes adorning skinny jeans and lastly, restaurants with rave reviews on Yelp!, Centerstage, Zagat and now.. Spork Project.

Yes, Wicker Park has changed a lot over the years and to some it is having an identity crisis. Is it arty or mainstream? Is it city-inspired or suburban in Urban Outfitter's clothing? That is up for you to decide but it hasn’t stopped me from chomping at the delicious bait.

So good friend Jen (we met while working together at Leo Burnett) and I pounded the Wicker Park pavement to eat Greek.

We decided on Taxim , a Greek joint owned by David Schneider and prepared by sous chef Jan Rickerl (Green Zebra and Scylla) who heats up the kitchen using imported Greek ingredients.

From the moment you walk in you know you are someplace special. The architecture is a mix of old country charm to modern story telling. Everything from the bus boy’s bronze water tray, to the lighting above, to the food, it all tells a story that allows you to forget you are only in the Midwest.

Taxim , 1558 North Milwaukee Avenue, btwn North Avenue and Honore (773-252-1558).

Chef: sous chef Jan Rickerl, consulting chef Christine Kim.
Bonus: Great lighting for dates and traditional Greek Coffee.
Rating: 5 Sporks (Out of 5, yowza!)

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