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Monday, May 17, 2010

{Easter} {Passover} {Mustaches} it's time to eat!

dish: latkee's, smoked salmon, periogies and much more
tunes: all things motown!

Being away from Nick totally stinks during holidays, however, I was so lucky to spend it with such great company!!

I was invited to a very special "PassovEaster" brunch today, hosted by my favorite neighbor galpals, where Christians, Jews and Buddhist's gathered around to break bread.

We put our religious differences aside and praised something we all believe in: homecookin!

it was marvelous! {and the apartment was stunning!}

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. As a Christian I've always felt a deeper connection to Easter, the day Christ rose from the dead, than on Christmas the day we wake up to get presents Jesus Christ was born. It's a wonderful day to spend with those you love without worrying about gifts, presents... the whole shebang.

The weather couldn't be nicer, the food couldn't have tasted better and the conversation was perfection. i laughed, i cried and laughed some more.

i hope you had a beautiful holiday weekend celebrating whatever is it you celebrate!

love, prayers and full bellies!

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Mel said...

You were such a lovely guest, thanks for helping us out Sporkerella!