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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She's got a Hankering: Bohemian Rhapsody Elegance

Golden Girl
tunes: Aya "Looking for the Sun"

I created this collage with one thing on my mind: summer sunsets, fresh fruit and tan lines.

If I could live in eighty degree weather, near the ocean, for the rest of my life I swear I would be one golden happy camper. Along with prematurely aged, unemployed and a tad dehydrated.

In Chicago I am only given 3, maybe 4 months of summer so when it rolls around I try my darnedest to live each moment to it's fullest. And by fullest I mean to it's most fabulous! With that, I am craving a more Bohemian-Chic wardrobe {which never seems to go away, and we know why!} this summer.

Vintage rings, over-the-top height-giving platforms, peachy blushes, golden hoops and 70's inspired one-shoulder dresses that twinkle should be in your closet this summer. Along with SPF and water in your purse!

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