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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When it's March I do the Shamrock Shake

My love-bud Rommy (we have been BFF for 12 years) and I took the train all the way downtown for "dinner" on Wednesday and by dinner I mean we went to the Rock N Roll McD for Shamrock SHAKES! There is something so magical about this drink I can't even describe. Yum yum yum.

I found a recipe for it online and I'm going to make it with non-fat ice cream and all natural food dye! Updates next week on it! nom nom nom.

Copy Cat Shamrock Shake
from RecipezaarSeriously ladies and gents go grab one today -- they are only avail til March 25th!

But One season a year ain't so bad, right?


Dustin said...

But who REALLLLLY stops at one?

PS- my word verification is "cracta." Made me chuckle.

Rebecca said...

Umm, you have made my work friends and me VERY happy with this homemade recipe...going to try, I am sadly quite obsessed with Shamrock Shakes. =/