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Thursday, March 11, 2010

When the cats away, the mouse will play.... with cosmetics!

There are nights that I really miss Nick -- and then there are nights that I know Nick would rather miss. Like any spa/makeup/cosmetic type of event where he feels like he is following me around like a lost-puppy. Ha, or he opts for the "i'm going to sit down and look up sports on my phone...or pretend to text people to look preoccupied". I love him for it, it's okay!

that's why I have FRIENDS who love and live for beauty!

Having a best friend (Rommy) who is a Mac Pro artist has it's benefits. I'm a real lucky lady! One reason why I'm so lucky is that he gets me and my friends on the lists to MAC Cosmetics events like this one. We got a preview of the Spring 2010 line before anyone else. Whoohoo!

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