Stopping to Smell the Coffee Beans


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Urban Stoopin'

Today might be it Chicago! Time to say "bye-bye" to Seasonal Affective Disorder & hello to Attention Deficit Disorder!

It's 75 and sunny which means it's officially spring unless it's some cruel April Fools joke from Mother Nature.

We have been punished enough this year with horrible snow, rain and clouds it's time that we finally feel.... happy? I spent my lunch hour walking to the bank and eating outside on my stoop.

Everyone is especially friendly today, especially my hood's mailwoman. She was singing and dancing while giving us all our first of the month bills {grrrr... I mean yaay!"}. I also got a few friendly stares from people who apparently haven't seen a one-man-photoshoot, I wonder how awkward I actually look holding my 16" Macbook in the air to take photos of myself? Geez, now that I type it out loud I bet it looks real awkward and narcissistic. What a girl will do for love.

Unfortunately I could only play for an hour, I am super super super excited for this weekend because it reminded me how good it feels to be out in technical public, not just internet "public".

What did you do on this sunny day?

Enjoy - xoxox

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Cindy said...

working! but was able to enjoy a nice walk to starbucks! love your face!!