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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tott Chef: Creating the next Gen of Foodies

This is seems to be the year of national food awareness. And it's about friggin' time!

Conversations heard at dinner parties, hot topics on TV shows and updates on Twitter streams buzz with three popular terms: "Food Inc." "Food Revolution" and "Child Obesity".

That's why I am in love with the new quarterly cooking magazine Chop Chop that's written for kids ages 5-12-years-old. I love the idea of creating young foodies in this next generation. As a child of the 80's and 90's I have blindly ingested some crazy sci-fi ingredients growing up, trusting our FDA, and now in my twenties I am realizing I need to cook/bake organically and naturally. I am happy to see that kids can now have their own food magazine that speaks their language and makes cooking {not microwaving} fun.

Another great bonus about Chop Chop is there are ZERO advertisements that promote or pursued unhealthy eating habits to kids. All of their sponsors are healthy and promote healthy eating habits.

I've always felt that children {ahem, and adults!} are too stimulated by action-packed and color-filled advertisements that convolute "healthy" and "rational" thinking. Six year old's trust "make believe" and certainly can't differentiate fantasy {advertising} vs. Reality {sugar, corn syrup, no nutrition}... I still have a heard time believing reality as well.

Bravo Chop Chop!!

this can also be read on my Abe's Market blog.

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