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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long Distance Footsie

I personally think our feet look better together but sometimes it's nice to do and see things on our own. We are both so lucky to reside in such amazing cities (Chicago, me & DC, Nick) that keep us on our toes.
it was a really hard transition for me to live literally 2-blocks away from Nick for two years before Nick moved to DC. We spent almost everysingleday together. We would take our early morning/afternoon walks together on the weekends, wander new neighborhoods together for the best sushi and hit-up the best Kareoke bar in the city! Yes, we are Kareoke champs.

Nowadays things are much different. I see him 1 -2 weekends a month and it was really difficult at first. I felt like I was loosing precious moments and experiences with Nick which made me feel like we were as close -- like we were drifting. After some huge adjusting I started to realize that I have been given the best of both worlds; I have an amazing, wonderful and supportive relationship while having an inspiring, busy and passionate independent lifestyle.

It's pretty fabulous but takes a lot of hard work, trust and confidence. I hated goign to movies or eating dinner alone but now I don't mind it at all. It's nice to just observe and mull over my own thoughts while enjoying a delicious meal.

To this day I haven't seen Nick in 33 days -- our longest yet! -- but I will see him in DC on the 17th! I can't flipping wait! His heart & soul is

His heart is my home, and there's no place like it!



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This melted my heart :)

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