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Saturday, March 27, 2010

She's got a Hankering: Stop to Smell the Roses

Spring is less than a week away and I am having major spring fever. I've deep cleaned my apartment, donated 3 bags of clothes to Salvation Army and defrosted my fridge -- all in 2 days.
This may or may not be my way of distracting myself on how much I miss Nick.

I am ready for spring and summer's arrivals, like yesterday. While doing some light shopping I realized that all of my recent purchases have a very pretty theme:

I've never been a big "floral" gal, in fact they used to make me feel awkward. With that, as I mature I find more frilly/girly/floral things beautiful and flattering on my body. They are soft, gorgeous, feminine and dangerous ( thorns!) All things I love and adore. I am literally lathering my hands up right now, which makes typing very awkward, with my newest find from Victoria Secrets, Delicate Petals hand cream. It's a mixture of Tangerine, rose and white musk. Super romantic.

1. Metal Rose Studs
2. Lucca Couture Open Back Floral Dress
3.Flower Lace-up Boots
4. Floral Scarf from Urban Outfitter
5. Delicate Petals Lotion (Best smell EVER!)
6. Rosebud Lip Salve
7. Pins and Needles Bloom Dress

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