Stopping to Smell the Coffee Beans


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Social Spotting: a Brunch of City Slickers

It was Sunday morning, I was feeling a little lonesome so I called my favorite cowgirls' (& boy) and we got a fixin at Wicker Park's new spot
The Southern {kickass bar + comfort food}.

Cheesy grits? Yep. Fried green tomatoes? Yes ma'am. A rowdy bar to wet your whistle? You betcha. Although none of us drank alcohol, the bloody mary's at surrounding tables looked delicious!

I ordered the breakfast tacos, which were AMAZING while the other cowboys ordered breakfast mac&cheese, shrimp & grits and southern bacon. (okay maybe not southern, but...).

Chef: Cary Taylor creates heat in this kitchen. He's pretty much genius in my book.
Bonus: Dieztler Beef is on this menu. {Best Grassfed Beef on the planet}.
Rating: 4 sporks (outta 5, ya'll). I marked it down due to them charging me for coffee refills. I'm not down with that.


Cindy said...

ewww who charges for coffee refills?? that is just wrong!

Uptown Nanny said...

Where is the slash photo?