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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Best Friend's Interview: in DC

One of my dearest friends Lauren Kirsch has a job interview in DC today -- GO LAUREN! Whoohoo! I know she will knock their socks off just by being her fun, amazing, vibrant self. This girl can sell sand to the beach and grapes to a vineyard. She is outstanding!

With that, she took the Bolt Bus from NYC to DC last night and stayed with Nick. It was so fun to Skype with them last night and to see their funny dynamic. See you have to meet Lauren to understand what I mean but to put it into words i'd say this: She's wild, creative, colorful and LOUD! Nick, the more reserved type, seemed to be having a great time with her and it made my heart melt. I love seeing my favorite people have fun together (even without me!).

So far Lauren has made Nick order from two different "carry out" places on the same night: one place for pizza and the other for salad, drive around town to find a certain "ranch" dressing and forced him to take her to Target (not CVS or Walgreens which are right by his place) so she could purchase a certain shower cap. Yah, she's picky as hell! We call her the "Jew Review" ( you too Stein, don't worry!) because she has an opinion on everything and is very HONEST. She has consulted us on restaurants, foods and beauty products on MANY occasions.

So here are some screen shots from our Skype Date last night! Rommy and I were in DC while Lauren and Nick were in DC!

ps.. look how GREAT Lauren looks in her interview outfit (you know us girls, we always need 2nd opinions!)

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