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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mugshot Monday

Happy Mug Shot Monday!
(inside Harpo Studio!)

Ever wonder how much coffee goes into one episode of Oprah Winfrey? Well, you are not alone! I asked my best friend Cindy, who has worked for Harpo Studio for 3 years, to give The Spork Project an exclusive peek at the java-heads at Harpo!

I loved learning that in order to drink coffee in their building you must bring your own mug -- very eco conscious. I heard that on average an average employee will use over 500 disposable cups a YEAR, yikes! I'm happy to learn that their staff is sustainable smart.

I get the feeling from Cindy that the staff at Harpo feels like one big family! They are constantly collaborating with each other and making big things happen. I love their drive and passion!

I'm going to go ahead and say behind ever successful Producer, PA or writer is a huge mug of coffee, right!?

So lets break down what these production peep's drink!

Mark-- loves java with cream and suga!
Cindy - loves blueberry coffee BLACK.
Katie - aka KB loves her coffee ICED... Ice Ice Baby.
Collin - likes to be called King of the World & drinks 2 cups a day!
Cherise - Aka Tiny One, loves coffee creamy and sweet.

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