Stopping to Smell the Coffee Beans


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Heading East

Nick and I have headed East to DC for some more family time!

we drove 6 hours in the pouring rain through Penn., and decided to grab a hotel and stay til the morning and I'm glad we did! The hotel had the best self-serve waffles EVER! The magic of self-serve is no matter how bad they taste I feel such pride in my dish - they were sooo scrumptious.

Side note, I already miss my family! As you know last week I was in Detroit for my dad's "surprise" birthday bash along with other important family gatherings. I was so lucky to spend quality time with my
parents, my wonderful brother, my amazing aunt Nancy and our dog Micky! I feel so blessed when I spend time with my family but I always leave feeling guilty. I feel like I shouldn't leave so far -- yet I know Detroit has nothing to offer me right now.

Is that normal to feel?
I feel guilty sometimes choosing to live 500 miles away from home. Although they NEVER make me feel guilty I guess I just miss feeling apart of family on a day-to-day basis. Thank God for Skype!

xoxo lisa


Cindy said...

don't feel guilty boo...they love you and know you are doing your thang! love you!!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about living so far from home... However, Michigans' economy is far below IL and WA (although I haven't check the latter..) And your mom and dad found a nice place for them to raise a family 25+ years ago. Now it's your time to shine and find your own slice of happiness- GUILT free!