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Monday, March 29, 2010

Everyday Thrifting: Back to the Futurwierd

Last summer I was on the prowl to find the perfect pair of vintage Waldo glasses and I just couldn't find them. Then Nick took me for a nice walk to a new vintage store in the neighborhood that he had visited earlier with a friend. "A new vintage store? I'm in!"

At first glance you might actually walk past Vintage Underground; it's sorta hidden and the window displays do not impress. I will be honest, I was preparing to "pretend" I was impressed to not discourage Nick from scouting out new vintage gems in the future!

{girls, you know what I'm talking about!} So as I was rehearsing my excuses in my head I found myself loosing that train of thought and I grabbed Nick and screamed "I LOVE IT HERE!"

Underground Vintage is great for jewelry and accessories. {they have tons of other items but this is where they shine} I found my Waldo glasses & I was happy.

Fast forward a year later and I found myself missing Nick and stumbling into Vintage Underground and leaving feeling like I experienced a part of history all over again but this time with vintage medical devices.

The owner was gracious enough to allow me to take photos and play with an Electric Machine which was used in the 1800's to "zap out" anxieties, homosexuality and depression. You put your fingers into medal holsters while someone else winds the handle. This creates a magnetic force which shocks your fingertips. It feels like static electricity and was not painful at all.

The other medical device you see was called "Turkey Baster" which I don't buy. It looks like a vintage insemination device, right? Wild!

Vintage Underground
Location: 1834 W. North Ave, Wicker Park.
Bonus: jewelry restoration, repairs and great vintage cameras.

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