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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Borrowing His Style

There are some things I love stealing from my hunk's closet (along with his socks, Bic razors and Old Spice deodorant). The way his clothes fit feel super cozy, charming and .. surprisingly very attractive. Always a little over sized, a bit too structured and a bit masculine on my petite frame.

I just love it. {i miss not living in the same city as Nick. Makes borrowing a tad more difficult}

Borrow-his-style list:

  • boyfriend bow ties. Perfect addition to any blouse that needs a sprucer-upper.
  • boyfriend watch (the best accessory ever.)
  • boyfriend fedora. Perfect for bad hair days or going to the beach.
  • boyfriend geek glasses. enough said!
  • the boyfriend flannel. I love it with a belt, tucked into a skirt or with a pair of leggings. Seriously the best benefit of having a bf.
I found all these hunk-a-licious items on Revolve Clothing.


Shawn Tina said...

your alliteration here is out of control. i love it:
best. boyfriends. bowties. blouses.

... said...

Ha thanks Shawn. It's not fair sometimes how sexy mens clothes are right?

anna said...

boyfriend watch....... i wanted to buy the same one... now that DBF broke his, i might as welll:)))