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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's day surprise: Nick!

Nick and I had a planned to have a long distance Skype date on Saturday for Valentine's day. While I was waiting for him to sign online, I got a knock on my front door and it was, whatdayaknow, NICK!

My heart skipped a few beats, I started to tear up and then I jumped right on top of him. I was sooooo happy!

It's really crazy how much you miss someone after 3-4 weeks go by. Like clockwork I start to get cranky, emotional and insecure about the whole long distance thing. Luckily, I have such an amazing man to go through this with. Honestly, I couldn't imagine this working with anyone else. it's that tough people.

If your honey is near you, give them a HUGEE huge and kiss. You are so lucky to have them near!

We spent the weekend in Chinatown celebrating the Chinese New Year!



Anonymous said...

Nick King,

What the heck is up, Command is on to you and the Spork Project.

The spork has cult following similar to egotastic.

Cindy said...

this is just too precious for words! mad props to nick and that cute little message with the roses :)