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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Pizza Party: 400 miles apart

Nick and I took the Domino's Turnaround Challenge. If you aren't familiar here is a basic rundown : Domino's finally started listening to the public and changed their recipes to taste like pizza and not cardboard and add super fresh ingredients that are grown locally & not frozen.

I was intrigued after I saw their heartfelt commercial (hey it takes a lot to admit your faults on national TV; especially when it comes to flavor!) so Nick and I decided to take the challenge on together and have an iPizzaparty!

We were both super excited because their new crust has a garlic butter seasoning on it and we both LOVE garlic and BUTTER! However, neither of us liked Domino's and it's probably been 8-10 years since we've had it. We also prefer supporting our local pizzerias. however, the challenge is on!

We ordered at the same time via their online ordering, which was impressive. Simple, efficient and easy to customize your order. I ordered a Handtossed veggie: tomatoes, olives, green pepper and onions. Nick ordered the Handtossed peperoni, green peepers and sausage.

The best part of their online ordering is the tracking system once your order is processed. Wow! It shows you where your pizza is at all times! Super cool! (My order came about 8 mins before Nicks, Chicago wins!)

So to the taste.. YUM! Wow we were super impressed with everything: freshness, taste, PRICE and delivery time. The sauce is zestier and the crust is delicious. We highly recommend it to everyone! Great job Domino's!

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Cindy said...

okay I love that you both did this! you guys probably have the best long distance relationship of anyone I have ever met! YUM!