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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Twitter Chose My Glasses: when no friend is near you

The power of technology never ceases to amaze me. It is especially awe-inspiring when you find yourself needing to buy glasses but not having a clue as to what style to purchase. This is actually why I haven't bought glasses sooner and I've had a prescription for the past 2 years! Wowza.

I love fashion, I love accessories, I love hair styling but I don't like buying anything permanent. It's strange that I view glasses as perm but I don't have tons of money to throw around so I wanted to buy that "perfect" pair that would last me a few seasons. Well, I finally did it! Thanks to all my friends and family who participated in my "Help! 4-eyes alert!" tweet.

I took about 10 photos with my camera phone & edited them into Picasa.

Micheal from See Eyewear was so nice and picked out about 10 pairs for me to try on. I told him "Today is the day i'm getting glasses, give me options". A few dozen tweets later, option 3 was chosen. Good choice friends! Thanks for being there for me, even hundreds of miles away! Yay!

And Now I look like Nick.

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